Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Simple timeline

This article is by Trueman et al (2004) and proves the long co-existence of humans and megafaunal species in Australia.

Analysis of faunal assemblages at the Cuddie Springs archaeological site in south eastern Australia found that remains pre-dated the pre-proposed extinction date of 46.5ka. This means the extinction happened over at least 15,000 years, much too long for the ‘blitzkrieg’ or even the ‘overkill’ model to apply. Adding to this particular study, this site contains a secure stratigraphic timeline, with a human overlap enclosed in sediments dating from 30-36ka, which was the period that significant environmental shifts occurred.

So below in figure 1, there is a sum up timeline of the presumed events that coinciding supporting the view that the change in the environment caused the late Pleistocene extinction in Australia. I thought this was quite useful just to sum up the key events and to prove that basic chronology points to the changing environment causing the mass extinction and not human intervention.

Figure 1: Simple time-line of the main events leading up to the mass extinction in Australia at the end of the Plesitocene. Sorry its a bit blurry!

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