Sunday, 13 November 2011

Video on the Marsupial lion...

Video 2: A reconstruction of the Marsupial lion

This is a really good video just to give a visual idea of the scale of these huge megafaunal species that went extinct in Australia in the late Quaternary period. It specifically focuses on the Marsupial lion, the biggest marsupial carnivore that ever lived in Australia, and a species which still little is known about. But, in this video, some experts hypothesize their way of living, diet, etc. along with some computer graphics to re-enact  their movements and hunting techniques. These creatures were truly amazing, with no species today that are quite like it, they were obviously very powerful with those large set of incisors and claws!
Shame not more is known about these creatures, it would be really interesting to know more about how they hunted and their general  characteristics. Also I think some of these animals that went extinct were so amazing, such as the Phascolonus gigas, a giant wombat that were as large as a small car, or the Simosthenurus, a giant kangaroo that weighed over 120kg. Its kind of a shame really that they aren't around today, well I mean some of them it's probably good that they aren't around, like the Marsupial lion because I reckon they were pretty viscous! I just couldn't imagine coming face to face with a kangaroo that us nearly 2.5 meters tall, would be amazing!

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