Sunday, 30 October 2011

A few pictures... (just to liven the mood!)

Found some pictures reconstructing some of the species known to have existed before the mass extinction in Australia...
Figure 1: Propleopus oscillans, a genus of marsupial, much bigger than the Kangaroos living in Australia today!

Figure 2: Protemnodon, from the genus of macropod, based on fossil evidence, it was more similar to the modern day wallaby rather than the kangaroo, but much larger at around 45kg.

Figure 3: Diprotodon, known as the giant wombat and the largest marsupial to have ever lived, predicted to have gone extinct 46,000 years ago.

So these pictures are just to give you an idea of the megafauna around during the Pleistocene in Australia, I'll keep trying to find more to put up on here!

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